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Tired of creating a file structure every time you create a new component for Joomla? Let us do it for you! This easy-to-use tool creates an installable component package from the configurations you set below. Just select which Joomla version you want it to install to and get to typing. No sign-up necessary!

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A little help then...

  • No need to add an ID! That is automatically added for each table that is created.
  • Please Note The first field of each database table will be the field used in the link creation, unless an alias field is present!
  • Please use the default/values box for select options for a select / radio list. Separated by a comma (,) with the default in [brackets]. Example: apples, oranges, [pears], pineapple.
  • For an integers field list, set the start number and end number only. (Example: 1##100 and place that into the default/values field.)

Confused on the tables tab? Check out the "What does the table tab mean and how do I use it?" section on the FAQs page.

Video tutorial on just using the table side of this tool coming soon!

ID field created automatically for each table!

New Joomla! item "checked out" now supported!

Add Some Standard Fields Show

Image Upload Preferences


# Field Name & Type Default/Values
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Brand your component with images for each view!


What's New

Check the full list on the Release History page.

  • Image upload within a view now works better, and the image resizing when uploaded works a lot better, added with v.1.1.4
  • Members now have access to the structure Module Creator along with the module manager, added with v.1.1.3
  • Image upload functionality is now built in, added with v.1.1.1
  • User Created/Modified and Date Created/Modified now added for each item in a view, added with v.1.1.0
Release History

Component Development Examples

Both the following components were built with just this tool from the configuration options below.

Hello World

Download Example com_helloworlds (v.1.1.5)

All Field Types

Download Example com_allfields (v.1.1.5)

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